Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sin Victory

Oh, how sad it is. A fun little project set up for the high school youth group that never got finished. We ( being Jake Mullins, and I, with a guest appearance from Matt Peterson) painted the geometrical background and created this stencil [on the top] for the messy [Get a lil' messy] part that the Highschoolers would do. Afterward we were going to go back in with another few colors to make the letters pop, but, the next day these were found by the dumpster, never to be finished. Well, I managed to save two of the five (one out of frame) boards, and I'm going to try and turn one of them into a ping pong table. Anyways, that's wassup,
Best Wishes Little Fishes,


Jolly Rodger

Acrylic on pallet wood.